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Welcome to Lower Providence Emergency Medical Service

    Lower Providence EMS - Medic 322 & Medic 322A is a Non-Profit 9-1-1 Emergency Service entity providing Advanced Life Support Services to Lower Providence Township, as well as sections of Upper Providence and Worcester Townships. We currently operate 5 ALS Ambulances from 2 stations while responding to over 3,600 calls a year.

We are managed by a Board of Directors, along with a Full-Time Executive Director.  Operational management consists of a Full-Time Chief of Operations along with an Operational Officer Line and various committees. 

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Information on Current Subscription Enrollment.


Learn CPR

The Lower Providence Community Center Ambulance offers monthly CPR training.



Become a Community Hero, Donate to help change your community. 


Stand By Requests

Information on stand-by requests for your event.

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