Subscription Information 2022

The Lower Providence Community Center Ambulance offers a unique opportunity to donate to your local Ambulance organization and receive financial assistance if you pay your bill in a timely manner.  

The Subscription Packet is mailed to all residents located in our first due coverage area. Inside you will find information about the organization and the service that we offer.

The main benefit to the subscriber, besides helping their local ambulance, is the receipt of an ambulance coverage benefit. This means if an unlikely event happens and you call 9-1-1 for an ambulance, the charges that are billed to you that are not covered by insurance may be forgiven or a reduced rate will be applied to your account.  All subscribers are responsible for all deductibles required by your insurance policy or coverage.  

Insurance may pay only a portion of the bill for medical services and if that amount is less than the Lower Providence Ambulance bill, we will bill the remaining portion to you, the patient. If you are not a subscriber of the organization, then you would be responsible for the remaining balance.  If you are a subscriber and your insurance company covers a portion of your bill, then the remaining balance, minus your deductibles, is forgiven and will not be billed directly to you.  If you are a subscriber and your insurance company denies payment or if you do not have insurance, you will receive a 30% discount on the total bill if you pay it in a timely manner.  Please reference your subscription packet for complete details about our subscription program.

The 2022 Subscription rates are listed below for your convenience:

Individual: $60.00

Family: $85.00

Senior Individual: $45.00

Senior Family: $70.00

There are a few payment options:

You can pay on-line by using a credit card and the Form below. You can also mail your payment in the envelope provided in your Subscription Packet.


If you have misplaced your packet or did not receive one, please contact the LPCCA Business Office: 

LPCCA Executive Director Brian Kuklinski e-mail or (610) 539- 8465*

*We operate the business office during normal hours 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday