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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Lift Assist?

 A lift assist is when an Emergency 9-1-1 ambulance is dispatched to a call and the crew is asked to assist someone who is not injured from the floor or other area to standing position as they are unable to do so themselves. 

  • I called for a Lift Assist but declined an Ambulance, why was one sent?

 Unfortunately due to liability, training, and resources Police Departments are not able or permitted to assist a person off the floor. EMS crews are trained to evaluate people, lift correctly, and have additional equipment to assist in this process safely. 

  • Why did another ambulance transport me?

When you call 911, if Lower Providence Ambulances are on other emergency calls to ensure a timely as possible response the dispatchers at 9-1-1 will send the next closest ambulance for the level of care that is needed. 

  • Why should I become a subscriber?

Lower Providence Ambulance responded to over 3,600 requests for service last year.  Our gold standard of care is provided and supported by a remarkable team of over 50 members.  Our highly-trained EMTs, and Paramedics continually meet the needs of our residents that we proudly serve 24 hours a day.  We remain very committed to providing you with the very best equipment, technology and professionals should you have a medical emergency.  Our efforts and readiness come at a high financial price. We rely on insurance reimbursements and donations from the individuals and corporations we serve. 

  • What are the benefits of joining?

First and foremost, you are helping your local ambulance service provide quality emergency services.  Secondly you are reducing possible out of pocket expenses under certain circumstances.  The cost of ambulance services could cost over $1,500.  If you join the Lower Providence Ambulance subscription program, we will waive unpaid balances (excluding your deductible) for emergency service after your insurance company processes your bill.  Additionally, as a subscriber, you will receive a 30% discount if you do not have insurance or if your insurance company does not pay your claim in addition to one Lift Assist ( free of charge) per year. 

  • When does the subscription program start and end?

Our subscription program runs from January 1st of the current year, or once we receive your payment, through December 31st of the current year.  All subscriptions end at the end of the current year, regardless of when you joined.  Lower Providence Ambulance offers a grace period during the month of January.  If you submit your subscription payment by January 31st, your subscription coverage will revert back to January 1st of the current year.

  • If I have health insurance, do I need subscription?

We highly recommend you join our subscription program because in some cases, depending on your carrier, your insurance may not cover 100%* of your bill in the event you need emergency medical treatment and transport to a hospital.  The subscription program is not an insurance policy, but a great way to reduce you or your family’s medical costs.

* We recommend you check with your insurance provider regarding the coverage of ambulance transportation.

  • What should I do if my insurance company sends me a check for payment of services provided by Lower Providence Ambulance?

If your insurance company sends you a check for the services provided by Lower Providence Ambulance, please forward the payment check directly to us so that the payment amount can be applied to your account.  It is your responsibility to forward the payment received to avoid unnecessary collections on your account. 

  • I thought the Lower Providence Ambulance Subscription Program wrote off 100% of my balance?

Due to high deductible insurance trends, Lower Providence Ambulance was faced with either substantially increasing the cost of the annual subscription or attempt to recover some revenue from subscribers who use the ambulance.  We believe that this was the best way to proceed as subscribers can still receive significant savings through our subscription program.

  • What if another ambulance company transports me?

Lower Providence Ambulance has reciprocal agreements with many of the surrounding ambulance services.  If a neighboring ambulance comes into our territory and transports you to the hospital, they will honor our subscription program.  You will need to inform the other ambulance company that you are a subscriber to our subscription program.  If you are out of our coverage territory (such as another County or State) and receive ambulance service, our subscription program will not cover the cost of the service. 

  • What if I receive a bill from the Lower Providence Ambulance Billing Provider requesting information? 

During an emergency situation, we may not have time to gather your insurance information, so you may receive a bill from us.  We ask that you provide your current insurance information to our billing company in a timely manner.  As a paid subscriber, you may need to speak with your insurance provider to request that they reprocess your claim according to your emergency benefits.  A subscriber is required to provide all insurance information to process an insurance claim.  Subscribers are also required to exhaust all appeals on a claim that is rejected or denied by their insurance company. 

  • Do I have to provide the ambulance crew my subscription card or inform the crew that I am a subscriber?

We do not request proof of your subscription at the time of service.  Once we receive your subscription payment, we keep your information in our database that will be verified by our billing company when they process your claim.  In order to save on additional cost, we do not mail out receipts.  The original subscription flyer has a subscription card attached for your records.  We recommend maintaining a copy of our cancelled check or a copy of your credit card/bank statement that will show your subscription payment. 

  • Does my subscription cover visiting guests?

No, the subscription coverage is only for those residents that live at the address on record.

  • Is my subscription tax deductible?

Lower Providence Ambulance is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization.  We recommend you contact your tax adviser to determine if your subscription is tax deductible.

  • I did not get a new subscription mailer?

The subscription year runs from January 1st to December 31st of the current year.  The mailer is usually sent out in December and a reminder letter is sent out 90 days after the mailing of the first mailer.  If you have not received a mailer, please feel free to contact our business office at 610-539-8465.

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