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Dear Community Members and Leaders,

            The Lower Providence Community Center Ambulance organization is dedicated to not only helping community members in their time of need, but in educating and informing the public of all aspects of the Emergency Medical Field. LPEMS believes that education is vital in helping those in their time of need.


To educate the community LPEMS has a Public Relations program whose purpose is to educate and provide readily accessible information to the public.

To schedule an event please fill out the PR-Request form  below.

LPEMS PR Events are ideal for:

Scout First Aid Badges

Elderly Emergency Information

Children Safety

9-1-1 information

And much more.


Terms and Conditions 

  • LPEMS reserves the right to refuse any request regardless of ability for reimbursement.

  • Public Relation requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis, and therefore in order to ensure that we have the requested crew and equipment available, it is in your organization’s best interests to contact LPEMS with your request with as much advanced notice as possible.

  • Public Relation Requests must be cancelled prior to the event by written notice to

  •  LPEMS reserves the right to discontinue and/or refuse Public Relation services without notice to any event or for failure to comply with LPEMS’ Public Relation request procedures.

  • LPEMS reserves the right to cancel services without notice at anytime based upon the emergency needs of the community.

Theses events will allow community members the opportunity to understand the exact capabilities of the EMS system available to them. Provide you with information that will help EMS in the event of an emergency that in turn helps out you. Expose children to Ambulances and Medical personnel in an effort to let them understand that we are there to help and that like Police and Firefighters we are their friends.


Hand outs include:

Vile of Life information

Children First Aid

ICE (In Case of Emergency Cards)

Basic medical information

Blood Pressure Screenings’

Any reasonable request can be accommodated​


Thank you for your Interest!

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